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16th January 2018 - Gianpierro Ferrari will visit our Club to talk about Wildlife

Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, and currently member of the ARPS-FRPS assessing panel. He has been interested in nature for many years and started in wildlife photography about 20 years ago. Gianpierro loves every subject in Nature, because what is not to love about Wildlife? Tiny industrious creatures, large awe-inspiring mammals, but his favorites were, and still are, the delicate insects and flowers with their graceful movements and vibrant colours. Some of his photos are being used for many publications, like BBC Wildlife magazine, RSPB Calendars and Collins field guide books. He has been traveling abroad in Sri Lanka, Usa, Africa and his favourite place Australia. He is a member of LIPU UK-Leicester Trust-Leicester Entomological Society- Butterfly Conservation-Hardy Orchid Society-Nature Photographic Society and GIROS.

Liverpool street photography workshop for Stafford CC members
27th January 2018

Saturday 27th January we will join a professional street photographer in Liverpool city centre – the people, the bars, the shops, the waterfront, the work, the play . . . we will explore the city’s rich character and photographic ‘hot spots’ and learn some invaluable techniques and tricks of the trade from a highly experienced photojournalist.
More information in our Workshops and Trips Page ...

January Events

We have an action packed January ahead with some exciting events for Tuesday nights.
9th January.- Print 2 Competition.
16th January- Gianpierro Ferrari -Wildlife Photography. This is going to be a very popular night . Members from Acton Trussell have also been invited, so arrive in ample time to secure a seat!
23rd January- This is a change to your programme. We now have the Owl man from Haughton who will be bringing owls to photograph. This is a practical session so bring your cameras along. Groups of 4 will have short, timed slots to photograph the birds on display, hopefully with backdrops . Obviously this will need to be a particularly quiet event , to avoid causing the birds stress.
30th January- Members Night. this will be a practical session, so once again , bring your cameras.There will be 2 workshops
i)- 'Splash' workshop. Michelle will be using fish tanks , water, and various objects showing us how to photograph the objects on 'impact' .
ii) Flash photography. John will be guiding some still life photography using 2 flashes ( one natural , one colour) for more creative effects. Please bring along any items you would like to photograph e.g. flowers
Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Stafford Camera Club meet at 8 pm on Tuesday evenings at the County Staff Club, 77 Eastgate Street, Stafford.

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