Spotlight on club member

During the season, Stafford Camera Club will turn the lens on different club members to find out more about them and their photography
Name: Gayle Bevan, vice-chair

Gayle Bevan

What Interests you in photography?

I have been passionate about Photography since I was 17, since having a Ricoh Kr-5 bought as a gift. At the time I was living in North Devon. I developed a love of Sunsets and landscape Photography. However, very quickly I decided my real love was people. I loved high fashion and poured all of the glossy magazines to get ideas for 'location fashion shoots'. I would take my friends out on location and photograph them as if I was some fashion photographer.
I am still learning, particularly post processing, but I am passionate about the journey.

What type of photography do you enjoy?

Over the years, I have dipped in and out of Photography as I was busy with my career and being a Mum.
Just over 3 years ago I joined Stafford Camera Club because I had become re-enthused with Photography for several years prior to joining and wanted to be amongst like minded people. As I have 'developed' as a Photographer, I realise that my passion still is people photography. I still love location shoots, whether it be with a model of a family shoot. Outdoors every time. I appreciate studio photography but for me, it's outdoors, natural light send the elements!

How has the club helped you in your photography?

Being amongst like minded people each week has been a great motivator. I have learned new skills by seeing how other people photograph. The club has regular training nights which I've attended, and I learned new skills. Going out in Club trips is another great way to learn and socially it is fun. Other, more experienced members have been so helpful too.

What Camera do you use?

I have been using a Nikon d710 but last year I upgraded to a Nikon d750 full frame and am still finding my way around it.